Brooke Burke Before and After Plastic Surgery

Brooke Burke Before and After Plastic Surgery

Brooke Burke, 42, has become a nice topic i several forum in internet. Many people asked how she could keep her youthful look in that age. Many people speculated that the actress who appeared in Dancing with the Star might do some procedures to enhance her look. Botox Injection, Nose Job, Breast Implants, Breast Reduction and Abdominoplasty were said as some procedures that Brooke Burke probably did.

Botox Injection

Firstly, take a look at her smooth forehead without wrinkles or lines. Commonly, whenever someone had been getting older, especially over 30 years old, she might have wrinkles appearing on the forehead, but we didn’t find any of them on Brooke’s face. That might be caused by the regular botox injection she used.

Nose Job

The second was a possible nose job. It was obviously seen on her before and after photo. The plastic surgeon had done so well. She got a narrower nose now. She might be influence by the other celebrities who went under rhinoplasty. Well, the rhinoplasty (nose job) was quite popular in celebrities’ world.

Breast Implants and reduction

Brooke Burke Before and After Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants

Brooke Burke Before and After Plastic Surgery, Breast Reduction

The size of her breast seems having changes. She used to have a perfectly big and round breast that many people and plastic surgeons claimed that she had gone under the knife and made her breast re-size with a breast implants. Dr. Jennifer Walden even commented (in makemeheal) that the mother of 4 had done her breast with a breast implants in the past.

And recently, she reappeared with a smaller size of breast. Did she go under breast reduction? take a look at the pictures then.


Last but not least, the people notice that she look like  a woman who never giving  a birth, whereas she had given birth 4 children. She had a  really flat stomach. That might be done by the abdominoplasty, which perfectly refine her body.

Overall, Brooke got successful plastic surgeries. She had maintained her youthful look greatly.  What do you have in mind guys?

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