Kerry Washington Before And After Plastic Surgery

Kerry Washington Before And After Plastic Surgery, Nose Job

What happen to Kerry Washington in recent years? Some people and fans noticed that their idol looked so different from time to time.  It is not only one or two changes but, according to some medias and fans, Kerry Washington looked completely different from she used to be.

The 36 years old actress seems having some procedures liked nose job, fillers injection, Lip Augmentation, botox and eyelid surgery. Those things were clearly seen on her face.

Nose job

Nose Job or Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery in the world. Kerry Washington looked having this procedure due to the different shape of her nose. Kerry used to have a bulbous nose. Now, after the rhinoplasty, the nose had become narrower. The plastic surgeon had done a nice thing on her face. This is a nice work of a nose job.

Kerry Washington Before And After Plastic Surgery, Nose Job, Filler Injection, Botox, Lip Augmentation, Eyelid Surgery

Fillers Injection

The obvious change caused by the fillers is on the cheek. Kerry Washington got a different cheek now. It looked more plump than before. Talking about her cheek, Dr. Michele Salzhauer claimed that he believed Kerry might use the sculptura on her cheek that caused it plump.

Lip augmentation

Angelina Jolie was said by Media as the name of actress who inspired Kerry to get a lip augmentation. Her lips looked nice. She got a not overdone work.


Did she use botox too? Well, in America, botox injection is no longer a rare thing. This procedure had been done by a lot of people. Kerry Washington had done it too. You can see on her forehead. It looked so smooth and flawless, It’s strongly possible if Kerry got botox injection to remove the wrinkles and lines on her forehead.

Eyelid Surgery

Another plastic surgery that Kerry did is the eyelid surgery. In this case, Kerry probably got her upper eyes fresher with this procedure.  Som people thought that she actually didn’t need to do anything on her eyes. Her eyes was beautiful. But she did it. Fortunately, the eyelid surgery ran successfully too. Her eyes looked fresher and nicely reshaped.

Overall, Kerry Washington might be very satisfied with her appearance. She looked so mature now. But, even though she got a successful work, some people thougt that she did it too much by changing her own image. But we guessed, she has done something great to boost her confidence as an actress.

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