Mickey Rourke Before and After Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke Before and After Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke is not only remembered for his achievement as a boxer, but also a nice career career as an actor. For now on, he is trying to rejuvenate his look even though his age seems too peak to get any plastic surgery. He is 61 years old now. That’s why his ambition looked a bit fail.

What had he done to his face then?

He probably did several plastic surgeries including nose job, lip augmentation, browlift and facelift. Talking about his nose transformation, he actually got a common reason. The change on his nose might be due to his career as a boxer, several punches on his nose might be the things that make him forced to do a nose job.

That’s a common risk. Mickey ever told his nose to Daily Mail in 2009. He explained that his nose was broken twice an he forced to go under multiple rhinoplasty and he also fixed his cheekbone too. His latest nose now looked narrower and a bit more pointed.

Mickey Rourke Before and After Plastic Surgery Nose Job

The second procedure was a lip augmentation. This speculation was a bit surprising. Some people disbelieve that he would do a lip injection. Unfortunately, the lip injection looked not good. The lower lips looked fuller than the upper lip. Did you notice it?

His face area looked so smooth and tight. It was obviously seen as a facelift and botox injection result. His face turned into an unnatural face.  In some of views, he look having a frozen face.

Mickey Rourke might have lost his handsome-face like in the past, but, his career still kept in track. As you could see that he still starred a box office movie like “Iron Man 2″ (2010), “Expandable”, “Sin City”, “Wrestler”, etc. It is just unlucky that his plastic surgery enhancement looked not a good way for him.

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