Roma Downey Before and After Plastic Surgery

Roma Downey Before and After Plastic Surgery

Talking about Roma Downey, you all might feel surprised and keep guessing about what she had done on her appearance. As everybody know that Roma Downey is over 50 today, 53 years old. But her appearance seems like telling the people that she is still young. She looked 20 years younger now. There was an indication that Roma Downey had done plastic surgeries.

Her tight facial skin, fresh neck,  and smooth forehead might be the result of some procedures. By doing some comparison between a before and  after photo, we could see some obvious changes on her face.

First, the tight facial skin that made her looked a lot younger than she should be. The tight skin was possibly caused by the facelift. Amazingly, the result was not over done. Everything seems done well. Most celebrities had done several kinds of plastic surgeries, and a facelift was one of the most popular. Looking at her current’s face that look so tight and fresh, we could judge that the speculation must be true.

The second procedure was her fresh neck. There was no sign of aging in this area, like sagging skin or wrinkles, even though she is not young lady anymore. The people believe will not believe if the fresh neck was done with natural treatment. It was a necklift. In the other words, her neck looked too good for a woman in the age of 50.

Another plastic surgery that she probably did, was regular botox injection. Her smooth forehead without wrinkles and lines appeared on it had attracted the people to speculate. The people even have no doubt to claim her current appearance as the result of botox injection.

Overall, She looked so great and beautiful. I we are impressed of how the way the plastic surgeries done. Unfortunately, Roma Downey didn’t have any intention in telling the truth.  What do you think guys? Did you think that she was natural? or agree that she had already done many thing thriugh her face?

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