Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Vivica Fox Before and After Picture

Vivica Fox is a talented American actress who is also great as a TV producer. Her look is of course something interesting to be a topic to talk among people since she is a public figure. That is including about Vivica Fox plastic surgery that comes to be a hot topic recently since she looks so different compared to couples of time ago.

Vivica with her great appearance and looks is just always stunning and as her career goes up, it is something common that she did a plastic surgery to make her look is always that stunning. It is reasonable for her age now is approaching the age of fifty. That is not a young age, right? The issue of her surgery procedure comes because she looks different with her breasts, lips, and also the nose.

Vivica Fox Breast Implants

The indication of Vivica Fox plastic surgery, especially for the breast implant, comes from her breasts that look rounded but it also looks unnatural because they look stretched and also rippled. It seems like she did a breast implant. The ripple of her implant was caught on a camera and become great news.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before & After

Minor Nose Surgery and Collagen Injection

Besides her breasts that look rounded and rippled with its stretch, her nose also looks smaller and sharper than before but it is not that strictly seen. That makes a controversy among the members of a community of African American since she is an African American. Her look of the nose is like the result of the minor nose surgery.

In addition, her lips also look different, especially her upper lip. It looks fuller as like the result of a collagen injection which is done on her upper lips.

People can see the differences of her looks before and after about Vivica Fox plastic surgery. It takes a lot. However, unlike her friends, she has admitted that gossip. She said that it is true but she regretted doing the plastic surgery even though she did not admit it clearly on what kinds of plastic surgeries that she has done.

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